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Highly Textured Selvedge Jeans – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

Whether it’s slub, nep, loomchatter, or just a uniquely woven fabric, highly textured jeans look great new and only get better with age. While many of us enjoy wearing the same pair of jeans everyday many of the pairs on this list will standout more than you may enjoy. Regardless of if these textured jeans get added to your rotation or become your next daily drivers, you’ll certainly find yourself appreciating their texture with each and every wear.

1) Japan Blue: JBO-#18 Slub Selvedge

Highly-Textured-Jeans---Five-Plus-One 1) Japan Blue: JBO-#18 Slub Selvedge

Japan Blue and Blue Owl always seem to produce some great jeans when they team up for a collaboration, and their JBO-#18 Slub Selvedge is just another pair to add to their already phenomenal résumé. Made in Japan from a highly slubby, 18oz. selvedge, these jeans offer a fantastic texture without being too over the top for everyday wear. Beyond the beautiful fabric these jeans have all the details you’d expect to find on a pair of Japan Blue’s: brass hardware, canvas pocket bags, and quality construction all around.

Available for $265 from Blue Owl.

2) Pure Blue Japan: SR-013 Super Rough

If you are looking for the most heavily textured jeans on the market that remains in the purported “regular” blue jean category then Pure Blue Japan’s SR-013 Super Rough might be your pick from this list. They’re made in Japan from an 18oz. fabric that is both heavy slub and littered with neps. Not everyone is looking for a pair quite like this, but many of us (myself included) would find it hard not to consider them next time the raw denim urge kicks in.

Available for $340 from Corlection.

3) Naked & Famous: Okayama Spirit 4

Naked & Famous is known for their crazy denims, both in concept and in texture, and their Okayama Spirit 4 jeans are no exception. They are undoubtedly one of the most unique, heavily texture jeans out there — and they’re fairly reasonably priced to boot. The low tension 16oz. weave makes for a very bumpy ride and it’s topped off with a super thick 10oz. leather patch.

Available for $188 at Franklin & Poe.

4) Samurai: S710SXJ-SSG “Shinsengumi Makoto”


Samurai is another brand offering a ton of great, textured options, but their S710SXJ-SSG “Shinsengumi Makoto” really takes the cake. Made in Japan from ridiculously slubby 18oz. unsanforized denim, these jeans are bursting with top notch details. From the iron button and copper rivets to the raised belt loops and contrast bar-tacking, Samurai didn’t let any detail slide by when they were putting together these jeans. While they cost a pretty penny it’s hard to deny how much thought and effort were put into this pair.

Available for $402 from Redcast Heritage Co.

5) Oni: 902XX Low Tension


No list dedicated to heavily textured denim would be complete without an entry from Oni. While many of their pairs could easily have made this list, their 902XX Low Tension stood out from their current offerings with its balance between slub and nep. It’s not as textured as some of the pairs on this list, but if you handle it in person you’ll see just how wonderful the fabric really is. These jeans are made in Japan from a 16.5oz. fabric and are finished with great details such as their herringbone pocket bags.

Available for $286 from Blue in Green.

Plus One – Studio d’Artisan: D1823 “Kasuri” Selvedge Denim

Studio D’Artisan consistently releases some of the most textured denims out there, and their D1823 “Kasuri” Selvedge Denim is no different. As their name implies, these jeans use the Kasuri method of dyeing different pieces of yarns to different degrees, which allows the creation a complex fabric both in texture and in hue. While this beautiful, slubby denim is certainly different from just about any other denim on the market, it will certainly patina wonderfully whether you choose to wear them everyday or only occasionally.

Available for $270 from Okayama Denim.

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