Lone Flag Rebuilds Vintage Military Laundry Bags into Patchwork Fatigues

I’m what you might call a hoarder of fatigue pants, and I’m sure that there are plenty of you reading this who can fully relate. Back when I got my first pair a few years ago, all normal purchase logic seemingly went out the window and I could literally never have enough pairs of green pants.

When I came across these Lone Flag Rebuild Patchwork Fatigue Trousers, I mentally disowned one pair of my own collection for each minute I looked at them. These are made entirely of 1970s military laundry bags, meaning no two pairs are the same but all feature that incredible mix of weathered and aged shades of olive drab in each panel. There are even some subtle stitched repairs to previous abrasions to the fabric and ink lettering relating back to the location or name the bag was assigned, all of which make for a perfectly weathered pair of franken-fatigues that will no doubt be conversation starters.

They’re all cut and sewn in a family-owned factory in L.A. into a relaxed straight fit. Lone Flag will even hem them for free and the first 5 purchases receive one of the laundry bags used to create these beauties.

Available from Lone Flag for $210