Studio D’Artisan Weaves Slubs Into ‘Kasuri’ Denim With Its Latest Type 1

How nuts is it that Studio D’Artisan has woven slubby cotton yarns to look like the print of Kasuri fabric and then made this Selvedge Type I Jacket out of it? You’d normally find Japanese-made Kasuri fabric on a kimono, but lately, SDA has been taking the beautifully high contrast printed fabric and using it for their own purposes- like on a bunch of short sleeve button ups, and now they’re milling their own but in denim form. We’ve been seeing a lot of this amalgamating of Japanese techniques with denim garment fabrication from one of the originators of repro denim, and we love it.

Cut from an extremely special 15 oz. unsanforized selvedge (Kimono belt ‘obi’ selvedge ID) denim, the Kasuri Type I comes with all the usual details you’d expect on a Levi’s Type I reproduction; a pleated front, one single chest pocket, yoke reinforcements on the front and back, and an adjustable back cinch.

East meets West. And, as usual, something beautiful comes as a result.

Available for $348 at Okayama Denim