Suevas Sews Up Its First Flannel Shirt

Canvas goods wizards Seuvas have released their first flannel out into the wild, the Seuvas Heavy Winter Flannel Shirt in Lemon Haze, and it’s a doozy. Sewn up in their work shirt style, the flannel’s fabric is a colorful, three-dimensional break from their typically more flat (but still beautiful) offerings. And, it’s heavy, you’re gonna wanna reach for this lemony fresh shirt when you need some warmth, and when you need a pop of color in your usually indigo drenched fits.

This Japanese-milled, 100% cotton flannel fabric has been brushed for comfort, the interior having a slightly different patterning, almost blanket-like – take a look at those photos! Sewn with single and double-needle construction, bar tack reinforcements, and chainstitching (complete with all-important runoff). Seuvas is known for their utilization of Amakusa Pottery ceramic buttons on the button placket, and there’s one contrasting stone button here, from Amacusa Botao in Japan.

Available for $295 at Self Edge