Throw On Jelado’s Lennon Shirt After A Hard Day’s Night

Imagine a world with a Short Sleeve ‘Lennon’ Shirt, it’s easy if you try. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I must not be the only one, because Jelado literally made one as part of their tantalizing Spring Summer 2021 line.

The OG-107 US Military shirt was immortalized during the 60s and 70s when it was worn by both soldiers in the field and war protestors stateside. However, it’s John Lennon’s styling of the shirt that inspired Jelado the most.

Made from washed herringbone twill and sulfur dyed, this made-in-Japan shirt features resin buttons and two sharp flap chest pockets. The most notable liberty taken is the sleeve chop which makes the shirt so much more summer-able.

However be warned, it might become your favorite shirt to the point where you always wear it/ have it with you – hopefully, the other 3 shirts in your rotation don’t break up with you.

Available for $255 from Clutch Cafe