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Feel The Flax With The Tender Weaver’s Stock Short Sleeved High Back Shirt

One day, Tender will figure out how to dye something with, like, the concept of turmeric. Not the powder, the concept. I don’t know how William Kroll will pull it off, but he will. If they said they dyed this WS451 Weaver’s Stock Short Sleeved High Back Shirt with the actual sky, I’d just be like “Word?” and then probably go on with my day. Not because I’d be unimpressed, it’s just that if anyone could pull off shit like that, I’d assume it was Tender.

For the record, there is no evidence that Tender dyed this shirt with the sky, but it is done in a mad breezy 100% linen fabric, rinsed to shrink, and made entirely in England, and all those things are important when discussing a summer shirt. Details-wise, it features a short point collar, a melamine button front placket, a pair of large patch pockets at the waist, extended front tails with a raised back panel, and the boxy cut we all should be hunting down this summer.

Do I have too many summer shirts already? Yes. Do I still want this despite no high-level plans to add days to any seasons, summer or otherwise? Yes.

Available for $315 CAD (~$260 USD) at Lost & Found