Beat The Folsom Prison Blues With This Superblack Denim Iron Heart Work

Iron Heart‘s IHSH-275-BLK Work Shirt, nicknamed the“Johnny Cash Works Again”, is the murdered-out shirt you never knew you needed. Tough enough for the ring of fire or even a stint in San Quentin, you’ll never be caught short in this bad boy.

IH’s classic work shirt is seen here in a slow fading 12 oz. black selvedge denim which is going to get as wild as it ages, sticking out in the crowd of faded blues like a true black sheep. Let’s just say you can look forward to the black catseye buttons being the darkest part of this shirt at some point in the future. Featuring orange contrast interior stitching, felled seams, and chain stitch run-off, there is no shortage of small details to geek out on with this shirt, which is made in Japan like all of Iron Heart’s wares.

As you can see from IH’s model shots, it looks fantastic with good ol’ blue jeans. But let’s face it, this with crush anything – black jeans and some beat-up chucks, or dressed up with some black pants and service boots.

Available for $335 from Iron Heart