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Iron Heart’s Super Duper Heavy Shirt Is 11 oz. Cotton Armor

If you thought no one was asking for 11 oz. super heavy t-shirts, then you’re absolutely wrong. Though most of us can appreciate a beefier, hefty t-shirt; there are some that demand the very heaviest and toughest. These people know they can rely on Iron Heart to deliver just that.

Iron Heart’s Super Duper Heavy Shirt is a unique staple at Self Edge, and will only become more beloved now that it comes in a new color. Traditionally only available in white and black, this new olive iteration is dynamite. These made-in-Japan t-shirts are unwashed and will shrink down a half size, allowing you to perfectly dial in the fit. Sitting somewhere in the realm between t-shirt and sweatshirt, this is a good one for those cooler summer nights near the beach. Get it nice and broken in by fall!

Available for $160 at Self Edge