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Barena Venezia Trousers Bativoga “Tober Edison”

Before we dive into this particular pair of Barena Venezia Trousers Bativoga, it’s probably important to note that I have so many pairs of these that I refuse to acknowledge the actual number, either publicly or privately. I understand that could spur even more speculation—it could be four, it could be 32, it all depends on your definition of excess—but I won’t budge on this. If you’ve heard a number from me before on this topic, it was purposefully deceitful and I apologize. But—BUT—this is all a painfully long way* of saying that these are some of my favorite pants ever. Like if they were a band, assume I’ve listened to their shit more than any other band in my life. If they were a food, they’d be what I ordered any time a restaurant had it on the menu**. And while they tend to come with a variety of names—Arenga, Cosma, Bativoga, probably more—it’s all essentially the same pant. And they’re all pretty much perfect.

(*If you’re still here, thank you for sticking it out. Brevity is only my thing when it’s explicitly requested of me. **We only have so much space and this is about my taste in pants, not music or food. Those are both mids at best. Chicken parm.)

This particular pair, inexplicably called the “Tober Edison***” was made with a 100% cotton twill fabric done in a navy-ish blue, and they feature—as always—an elastic waistband, side seam pockets at the waist, patch pockets at the back and a slightly tapered fit through the leg. Simple, versatile, and again, pretty much perfect.

(***A cursory Google search brings up literally nothing. Not some guy on LinkedIn who works somewhere called Cornerstone Government Affairs LLC., not an obituary from the Salt Lake Tribune. Nothing. It’s like they tested it to figure out which name had never existed in the vast course of human history. I would say I was impressed, but it’s Barena, so I sort of expect this attention to detail.)

And I do understand that “perfect” is a subjective metric, making it essentially useless in the world of descriptors, but just try these pants and tell me I’m wrong. I’m not.

Available for $245 CAD ($199.31 USD) at Lost & Found

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