Hit The Dude Ranch With Mister Freedom’s Kitsch Kerchiefs

Channel your inner cattle wrangler with the Mister Freedom Ranch Kerchief. These multi-colored 100% selvedge cotton Japanese hankies are more than equipped to elevate your western-inspired fit to the next level. Plus, you can launch snot rockets into them whenever you need to, unless you’re using them as a face mask/accessory. Don’t be that guy proudly wearing a booger-encrusted bandana. Wash this thing regularly, it can take it.

If you haven’t handled a Mister Freedom bandana before now, trust me when I say they’ve got an incredibly soft hand feel (especially after that first wash), perfect for wrapping around your neck or pairing with a denim shirt. Their buttery soft texture is thanks to Sugar Cane & Co. using water-based inks on these Kerchiefs. SC produces a lot of stuff for Mister Freedom, and this kitsch Kerchief is another hit.

Available for $85 at Clutch Cafe