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Kerbside & Co.’s Woody Shirt Is Inspired By Classic Films

A short while back I had the pleasure of writing about the Kerbside & Co. Lot 75E Jeans which wouldn’t look out of place in any 50s rockabilly movie scene. And today they’re back with this, the Woody Shirt which will no doubt be the top half of your “let’s go to the Diner and lean against the wall until the fuzz move us on for loitering” outfit.

Coming in 100% cotton Japanese-made yarn-dyed fabric featuring that classic gingham all over print so there’s a strong chance you’ll match the tablecloths inside. It wouldn’t be a 50s-inspired shirt without a generous splayed collar, regular fit, and a wash to remove shrinkage, meaning your milkshake gut will be well hidden.

Available from Kerbside & Co. for $95