Buzz Rickson’s M-65 3rd Model BR14856

M-65 repros aren’t exactly rare in this little corner of the world but Buzz Rickson’s is shedding some light on an unsung variant of the cultural icon: the M-65 3rd Model.

Made to adapt to the tropical climate of Vietnam, the 3rd model is meant to be lighter than its predecessors, which were made of heavier cotton satin. It achieved this through a new fabric blend. Not quite a shock, Buzz stayed exactingly true to the original, and used a 70% cotton – 30% nylon blend to get the desired quick-drying, humidity-cutting effect.

The attention to detail obviously doesn’t end there, as the jacket features period correct repro-zippers, military spec snap and urea buttons, polyester/cotton lining, and an impossibly accurate MFG tag.

So, if you love the M-65 but don’t want every trip out to be a Travis Bickle cosplay, reach for the 3rd model.

Available for $518 from Hinoya