Buzz Rickson’s Made Face Masks

We ain’t out of the woods yet, folks! The pandemic has just entered its latest and most sinister stage – and with only around 15% of the global population vaccinated, this thing will keep mutating until… well, I don’t know.

Buzz Rickson’s doesn’t know when the pandemic will end either, but they do know how to stay prepared. Their Face Masks are labeled “Medical Department U.S. Army,” so you can stay safe and still rock pseudo-repro clothing. But Buzz went beyond mere repro technology and used antibacterial and deodorizing thread in the blend of their masks. With natural elasticity for a better, snugger fit, the mask also features a pocket so you can slide a disposable filter in for added protection. And added protection is what we need! Let’s all stay safe!

Available for ~$35 at Hinoya