Division Road’s Exclusive Viberg Chelsea Is Spruce But Sturdy

There’s a fine line to walk with Chelsea boots. Often mocked because of the corny “brunch boot” mass-market versions, and yet beloved in their more rugged Blundstone appearances, one must find the right blend of delicate and downright badass to win the hearts and minds of a skeptical consumer.

Trust Viberg to do just that with one of its newest Chelsea make-ups, exclusive to long-term partners Division Road. Built on the 2050 last and inspired by an Argentinian riding boot, there’s just enough of that classic “Chelsea” DNA to satisfy the majority. Thanks to its workwear heritage, however, this boot has the rough and tough quality that will make you want to break ’em in all Fall. The walnut brown leather is made from a waxed reverse Horsebutt tanned in Italy. A wholecut upper, 360 degree storm welting, and a lugged Ridgeway sole have all the makings of a go-to boot.

Sizes have already begun to disappear, so you know what to do!

Available for $750 exclusively at Division Road Co.