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Barns Outfitters Issues A Duo Of Pigment-Dyed Crew Necks

It’s hard to believe, but it’ll cool off soon so don’t you want to be prepared for when it does? Lots can change from season to season and the crewnecks you relied on last year may no longer fit, or they may have served so many seasons in a row that they’re barely holding on.

Barns Outfitters has you covered if you need a replacement this year. Their Crewneck Sweatshirts have everything you’d want from a Fall layer with one vital addition, they’re pigment-dyed! The dye process has given both crewnecks a beautiful lived-in look. These super-soft, circular-knit pieces come in black or red, giving you the color you’d expect on a vintage Champion sweatshirt for a fraction of the price.

Available for ~$115 at Denimio