Fade Friday – Cheese Denim Works SF-09X (10 Months, 1 Soak)

Amin in Kuala Lumpur has scored top cheddar with his Cheese Denim Works SF-09X. Bought for the Indigo Invitational and Malaysia Denim Fade Contest, these jeans have only been worn for 10 months and although they might not taste as good (I’m guessing) as the real thing, they look much cooler and are much much more wearable.

Instead of spending their time in a dark humid cellar covered in cloth or something, this cheese has gotten lots of air time. Worn daily, Amin rides his bike to work in them but claims to not do much else. But then again, what cheesemaker worth their curds would be loose-lipped with a winning recipe?

And seriously, what a recipe it is. These jeans feature the parmigiano reggiano of fades, super sharp with a bit of crunch that make us rethink what’s possible in such short amount of time. In addition to some great gradual fading along the thighs and seat, the real draw of these jeans is those intensely bright creases that are somehow on top of still dark backdrop in many sections.

You can follow Amin on Instagram @denimgila