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Knickerbocker NYC Introduces Bookstore

Shoutout books. I don’t know if they need to be gassed up or whatever, but considering the state of print-related industries, they could probably use the love. Also, Big Book doesn’t place a priority on selling your extended family sketchy medicine*, so that’s a plus. And while there are a lot of great places to buy books, the Knickerbocker Bookstore is a Very Great Place to buy some big books.

(*Like I’m sure some do, but mostly they want to sell you things that can be made into movies or prestige television shows. Wellness titles aren’t that.)

Boasting an eclectic-yet-essential mix of titles and merch (like keychains and notebooks), the brilliantly curated selection features iconic art offerings, both seminal and niche fashion pieces, killer stuff on design (all kinds, including one for Floor Heads that’s entirely about floors), depression-inducing travel stuff*, something just called Scooter Boys and so much more — each one built for prime real estate on whatever coffee table situation you might have going.

(*Not intentionally, it’s just buying a travel book in the midst of whatever stage of languishing this is seems like self-flagellation of a fairly high order.)

Highlights? Why not, we’re here. We did an entire Blowout episode on Take Ivy, which is in stock, and there’s a good reason for that. There are three separate store-related titles, and all three look like they could devour hours of my life. I have no idea what Sunshine Hotel is but one of my favorite things to do is judge actual books by their covers and it has a great one — but there are dozens to digitally browse.

Besides, it’s hard to shop in shoulder season: it’s still like 80º and sunny out, wool seems wild. Books, however, aren’t seasonal.

Check it out at Knickerbocker

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