Mr. Chung Incense Is Hand Rolled In Japan

You may never want another incense to permeate your space again after whiffing Mr. Chung‘s Incense. Since the 1850s, Mr. Chung has been using natural oils and solutions to create smells that evoke pleasures of the past, and we’re always down to have our olfactory senses stimulated. Since smell is tied to memory, your guests are bound to remember what your home smells like, good or bad. Let’s aim for good.

With a 20-minute burn time, there’s always time to spruce up the atmosphere, try letting it burn while you run out for groceries, and return home to something pleasing, or leave some sticks in the bathroom, you won’t regret it. Mr. Chung’s Japanese-made Incense is available in a variety of scents, each as calming as the last, but try to find what resonates with you the most.

Available from Lost & Found for $40CAD (~$32USD)