Battenwear Updates Its Bouldering Pant With 14-Wale Corduroy

We’ve previously discussed Climbing Pants roaring back onto the Pant Landscape like some gd cavalry division, but just because a pant is called a climbing pant doesn’t mean that it’s a good climbing pant. Like, some bearing the moniker may look great, but behave more like a straitjacket than anything created for athletic activity (I won’t name names but you know who you are). These Bouldering Pants from Battenwear, however, aren’t those.

Designed with actual bouldering in mind, they’re made in the USA from a 14W 100% cotton corduroy fabric and feature an integrated nylon belt, buttoned closure with a zip fly, two zippered side pockets, two rear pockets, reinforced knees and seat, a crotch gusset for added mobility and some elastic at the ankles to keep that fabric contained if you do happen to use these for their intended purpose.

Granted, I haven’t gotten to test these (I want to), but absolutely nothing about their fundamentals would indicate otherwise. I’m not here to tell you to spend north of $200 on something that will — by definition — essentially become a chalk receptacle, but 1) you don’t *have* to climb in these and 2) washing machines are mad effective.

Available for $235 at Battenwear