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Fade Friday – Iron Heart 777S-14 (4.5 Years, Unknown Washes)

William in North Carolina’s Iron Heart jeans have been with him for nearly 4.5 years and although they look as if they’ve lived the lives of a 100 jeans, he has no plans of hanging them up just yet. But can you blame him?

Experiencing more than some humans, these jeans have hiked giant dunes in the Nevada desert, traversed the rainforests of Western North Carolina which I guess exist, and have been washed whenever the heck it was needed along the way.

From the decaying whiskers leading into washed-out thighs to the crepe cake (look it up) honeycombs, there is tons of awesome wear to geek out on. But beyond the denim evolution, it’s the roughly dozen repairs that really do it for these jeans. Apart from the sneaky functional ones that are doing work behind the scenes, some highlights include seat and inner thigh reinforcements and the ridiculous knee boro.

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