Fade Friday – Iron Heart IH-555S-18II

In Wisconsin their lives a denim head named Chris. Chris has spent about 2 and a half years fading the daylights out of a pair of Iron Hearts and we think that’s time well spent. From working on cars and motorcycles in the ol’ garage and hiking in the mountains of Arizona to just hanging around the house, Chris has worn these jeans through it all and it shows.

The overall color of these jeans are dark and smokey but still well broken in. This provides a mysterious, grainy backdrop for some intense, dramatic creasing to shine through. This is most apparent with those honeycombs which pop thanks to their unique color. As opposed to a light blue or white, these lines have an eye-catching dirty green tint to them. The front side has a great contrast going as well but it’s more because the area above the knee is well worn, achieving some ‘drab in the best way’ fading while the area below the knee is perfectly preserved.

Check Chris out on Instagram @heritageheathens