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South2 West8 Takes Tweed to New Levels With Its Latest Fatigues

People who live in cold climates sure love to gripe about the weather, but I love to gripe about how it’s never cold enough for me to wear wool. It’s high up on my list of favorite things to complain about.

If you’re fortunate to experience real winter then I’m assuming you’ve some wool pants in your wardrobe, and if you don’t already, maybe today’s the day to change that. South2 West8 has an absolutely killer tweed pant, unlike anything we’ve seen before. Though it takes design cues from many other pants we’ve covered, it’s rare to see things melded in quite this way.

The pant is cut into a fatigue style, something rather common in our niche, but where the brand departs from the regular formula is the materials. Not only are they using a wool tweed, an uncommon fatigue pant material, but they’re using a patchwork design that incorporates several different colored and textured tweeds. Though they’re green overall, these wide-fitting jawns are nothing like your average sateen fatigue pants – and that’s a good thing.

Available for $285 ($242.25 for Heddels Plus Tye 2 members) at Blue in Green

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