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The Bootleg Bootcut – Wrangler x Heddels 13MWZ (kind of, not really)

The Bootleg Bootcut – Wrangler x Heddels 13MWZ (kind of, not really)

Don't size down!

Many brands have heritage lines that hearken back to their earlier days; Levi’s has Levi’s Vintage Clothing, Lee has Lee 101, Wrangler…hasn’t really changed their product in 50 years.

The 13oz. Men With Zippers aka the 13MWZ, the classic Wrangler jean, is still basically the same thing you could’ve bought in 1971—raw, high waisted, broken twill, and stiff as a board. The only difference, however, is somewhere along the line they stopped using leather patches on the back pocket and started using ugly brown plastic ones.

It is disgusting and tacky (in both taste and texture) and I think this iconic pair of jeans deserves better. So we gave it better!

Plastic boooooo! Heddels yayyyyy!

We bought a couple dozen pairs of Wrangler 13MWZ jeans, ripped off the gross plastic bit, and replaced it with our own veg-tanned leather one (with our own name, of course). I know I’ve ripped on “patch collabs” in the past, but c’mon, what else could we do to improve a 13MWZ? And this is a big improvement.

They are true to size so do not size down, you can see my pained face in a 32 above. They’re also not selvedge, 13MWZs are mainly sold in places like “Brondelson’s Hay Supply”

I didn’t tell Wrangler we were doing this (thanks for selling us the jeans, guys!) and they may not like it, so this may be the only run of 25 ever made.

Get yours for the low low not a joke at all price of $69.99 at the Heddels Shop.