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Down The Denim Rabbit Hole With Mohsin Sajid – The Weekly Rundown

There’s a ton of great stuff out there. And, while we would love to cover it all, we thought it best to just give it to you straight. The Weekly Rundown is here with the latest happenings from around the web.

  • Garmology: Down The Denim Rabbit Hole With Mohsin Sajid  – Well Dressed Dad
  • ‘Oh my god, we can’t do this!’ Inside Levi’s sexy, hit-making ads of the 90s – The Guardian
  • Dispatch from Fairy Creek – Patagonia
  • Stella McCartney Is ‘Begging’ Governments To Regulate The Fashion Industry – Forbes
  • Excited to Wear This Fall – Die, Workwear!
  • James McAvoy Wears A Rolex Datejust To Fight Pennywise The Clown In ‘It Chapter Two’ – Hodinkee