It Doesn’t Get Much More Iconic Than RMF’s Mountain Parka

If you are into niche Americana, you may know of the historic Wyoming Rocky Mountain Featherbed company for its iconic Christy vests but did you know they been crushed other designs too?

If not, it’s okay, because fortunately, 35 Summers Ltd in Japan acquired the license to reproduce these unsung forces of nature in the mid-century outdoorsy clothing world. And that is exactly why we are able to have this Mountain Parka in front of us today!

Hands down one of the most iconic outdoor silhouettes there is, the RMFB parka has the look for the streets but the resume for the wild. Cut in Japan from tri-layered nylon, the jacket has a cotton-like appearance but remains waterproof. Key features of the parka include a concealed hood, strategic buffet of pockets — including the crucial map pocket for all you old school adventurers out there — nickel snap buttons, and a 2-way YKK zipper. And to tie it all together, there is this glorious single-piece leather western yoke that adds some texture, patina power, and a pop of contrast. *chef’s kiss*.

Available for $960 from Clutch Cafe