Fade Friday – Benzak Denim Developers Juggernaut (1 Year, 2 Washes, 2 Soaks)

Christopher in Buffalo, NY has worn his Benzak Juggernaut jeans for just a year, and yet they look like they’ve lived several full-ass lives. If these jeans were a juggernaut at the start, they are now a behemoth.

In the tradition of fading greats, Christopher had done nothing special to achieve the special lookin’ results. All he did was ‘wear them extensively‘. This isn’t rocket science, people, just denim science. And after just two soaks and two washes, the fades are pure magic. Whisker embers at the ankles, tie-dye knees, and sideswipe lap creases, HD honeycombs – they have it all, and then some.

The ‘and them some’ is what really sets these apart. If your eyes are open, you can’t miss the robust, rustic-yet-precise leather and cloth repairs at the wear points, done in the Sashiko and ‘whatever gets the job done’ styles. In addition to keeping these jeans going longer, they add character that no amount of fading can achieve.