Fullcount Introduces Kids Denim With Adjustable Waistband

Let’s face it, the only reason jawns enthusiasts like ourselves want to have children is to dress them up in fly gear—don’t even try and tell me otherwise. It’s like having a real-life action figure that will one day grow up and look back on pictures and truly appreciate the efforts you went to to ensure they were the coolest kid in pre-school.

Enter Fullcount and what I hope is the first of many iterations of their “My First Jeans” collection. Cut from their classic 13.7 oz. 100% Zimbabwe cotton Japanese selvedge denim, these mini-masterpieces come once washed, and with an adjustable inner waistband to ensure comfort from the get-go and save the pain of breaking in new denim for when your pride and joy is a bit older. Details include a zipper fly opening, FC copper rivets, pink selvedge ID, and FC goatskin leather patch.

Start ’em young. Available now from Okayama Denim priced at $165