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The Heddels Extravagant Holiday Wish List 2021

Heddels is kicking off the holiday season with this year’s iteration of The Heddels Extravagant Holiday Wish. We’ve compiled some of the best garments, shoes, and accessories we’ve had no cause (or cash) to buy this year and compiled them into one, drool-worthy listicle. While we would never encourage you to spend beyond your means, whether for yourself or your loved ones, we too, enjoy browsing the finer things in life.

1) Dehen 1920: Motorcycle Sweater

The-Heddels-Extravagant-Holiday-Wish-List-2021 1) Dehen 1920: Motorcycle Sweater

There are few things nicer than a warm sweater on a cold day, and Dehen 1920’s Motorcycle sweater would certainly make me wish the forecast would stay colder for a few extra months. Made from 100% worsted wool in a striking black/gold colorway, this sweater features extra-wide ribbing at the hem and cuffs, a vintage talon zipper, and a contrasting, flip-up collar.

Available for $295 from Dehen 1920.

2) Iron Heart: Mid-Length Cordovan Wallet


While Iron Heart might be best known for their heavyweight denim, their Mid-Length Cordovan Wallets are equally heavy-duty. This iteration is made in Japan from Oxblood shell cordovan for the outside, cream calfskin for the inside, and a silver ring to attach to your favorite wallet chain. Completed with a zippered coin pouch, cash compartment, and credit card slots galore, this is a great piece for those who have a lot to carry.

Available for $850 from Self Edge.

3) Pure Blue Japan: Double Natural Indigo Sashiko


It should shock no one that we love selvedge denim here at Heddels, but denim sashiko? That’s even better! Pure Blue Japan’s Double Natural Indigo Sashiko are a pair of relaxed tapered jeans that are natural indigo dyed to an inky, cobalt blue hue. Both the fabric and jeans are made in Japan, resulting in a pair of jeans with incredible attention to detail and quality to boot.

Available for $1,015 from Blue in Green.

4) Fine Creek Leathers: Eric Horsehide Jacket

There are a ton of great leather jacket makers out there, but Fine Creek Leathers has become a standout over the last few years. Their Eric Horsehide Jacket might not be reinventing the wheel, but it’s a beautiful example of a classic motorcycle jacket. Made in Japan from 1.3mm Shinki horsehide in a teacore finish, this jacket features front facing wrist zippers, an upper arm stash pocket, and two handwarmer pockets, giving this otherwise minimalist jacket some standout details.

Available for $2,100 at Clutch Cafe.

5) Joe Works Shoemaker: Shell Cordovan Apron Derby Boot


There are few materials better looking on an apron-toe than shell cordovan, and Joe Works Shoemaker’s Shell Cordovan Apron Derby boot shows off why that is. Not only does it show off shell cordovan’s natural sheen and smoothness, but the stitched toe allows for a texture contrast that just looks right. Made with a natural colored midsole, brass hardware, and contrast stitching on the apron, these boots are some of the best looking daily drivers out there.

Available for $1,850CAD from Miloh Shop.

6) Thomas Riemer: Martin Bag


None of have been doing much traveling lately, but it’s nice to think about all the places we’ll be able to go in the future. And how better to travel than with Thomas Riemer’s Martin Bag? Made from a beautiful, goatskin suede, this dual-compartment bag would be perfect for a weekend getaway. Featuring a canvas lining, studded bottom, and external pocket, this bag is just big enough to hold all your essentials.

Available for $1,395 from Leffot.

7) Strauss-Malcolm Faribault Blanket Vest

Cut from a luxurious virgin merino wool blanket made by Faribault Woolen Mills, this Strauss-Malcolm blanket vest is upcycling in the best possible fashion. Made in New York’s Garment District, this two-pocket vest may seem like it would be extravagant, but the price is exceptionally reasonable!

Available for $138 at Heddels Shop.

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