The Real McCoy’s Made The Corduroy Shirt To End All Corduroy Shirts

The Real McCoy’s Printed Corduroy Shirt in Brick Red has managed to combine two F/W favorites into one unique workwear package. With the iconic — and forever recognizable– red and black plaid pattern paired with the smooth yet insulated warmth of corduroy, you get this shirt that looks classic but has this modern, “things are not what they seem” twist to it. So if you want to stand out in the sea of flannels, this’ll have you swimming leagues ahead if not on a freaking boat.

The cut is a faithful revamping of a traditional work shirt, crisp where it looks good, roomy where it needs to be, but with a slightly shorter, modern cut so you don’t look like you’re wearing a nightshirt when untucked. Made in Japan from 100% cotton, this seasonal favorite features all the trimmings you could ask for, like reinforced elbows, urea buttons, loop collar, and flap button patch chest pockets.

Available for $374 from Lost & Found