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A Vontade’s WW2 Corduroy Jacket Is A Charming Blacked-Out Blouson

The drool-inducing A Vontade WW2 Corduroy Jacket in Black might be the textured lightweight jacket you’ve been looking for. It’s a mash-up of Levi’s jacket styles — but done in a thick wale black corduroy — so it’s unlike any denim piece in your closet. It’s also a nice contrast to all that faded indigo, so if you’re set on wearing comfortable jeans daily, a nice vintage-style jacket might be the way to go.

Made in Japan, the 100% cotton WW2 Corduroy Jacket has the silhouette, front pleats, and back cinch of a Type I jacket. There is two front (flapless) riveted pockets on the chest, that you’d normally find on a typical Type II jacket. Corduroy is nice and insulating, so if it’s getting chilly where you’re at, this product of mid-century style might be for you.

Available for $420 at Namu Shop