Battenwear’s Beach Breaker Reminds Us That Coach Jackets Are Still a Thing

Back in my Streetwear days, Coach Jackets were everywhere. These days, you don’t see them anywhere near as much, but strangely we’re seeing them pop up in the heritage clothing sphere, somewhere that was previously lacking in the Coach department. Brands like Warehouse & Co., The Strike Gold, Japan Blue, and now, Battenwear, have all popped out with their rendition of this versatile sportswear classic, each with its own little quirks.

Available in a host of vintage-centric colorways, the Beach Breaker from Battenwear is an archetypal Coach Jacket made in the USA from Shinya Hasegawa’s solid design. If you ever used to wear a hand-me-down Coach or one from your school sporting days, you’ll know how versatile these things are.  A light outer layer in the warmer months, or part of a layering ensemble in fall/winter, they go with everything and bring a casual sportswear charm to any get-up.

But why does the Beach Breaker stand out? Well, a premium, robust and weather-resistant nylon outer looks to be more durable than your college issue Coach, the branded Battenwear snap buttons secure this thing in style, and the standard-fit with raglan sleeves looks set to drape perfectly, imbued with comfort levels courtesy of the polyester fleece lining. It’s just what we like ’round these parts: an elevated classic that you’ll keep in your rotation for years to come.

Available from Battenwear for $365