Fade Your Way into the Big Leagues with Benzak’s Denim Varsity Bomber Jacket

If you don’t have a bomber or varsity that you can reach for whenever you’re not sure what to wear, I feel bad for you, son. ‘Cos I got 99 problems, and my current lack of a bomber/varsity jacket, is most certainly one. I have a couple of Polo bomber/Harrington-type pieces that have got a bit tight on me due to weight gain (shoutout lockdown), and I’m in the market for something just right. The Denim Varsity Bomber Jacket by Benzak Denim Developers looks to be a decent contender.

Constructed from loosely woven 12.5 oz. raw denim from Japan’s Collect Mills, with this thing you get all the versatility and wearability of a bomber jacket, with the added bonus of denim fades and patina. Each jacket is made in Portugal and comes with a host of details perfectly curated by BDD, including indigo-dyed bar tacks and Benzak bullhorn branding, a denim locker loop, full ecru pocketing cotton lining, and of course, Talon zippers.

This beauty just hit sale and is available from Benzak for €136,36 (~$155USD)