The Heddels Budget Gift Guide 2021

This years budget gift guide is intended as a jumping off point: offering some of the best options for under $100 based on the styles and brands we typically write about here at Heddels. While this price point is still not cheap, we hope it works as a jumping off point to find what you’re looking for; more inexpensive options are definitely out there, especially if you have the drive to find sales.

1) Oak Street Bootmaker’s: 1950 Cobbler’s Toolbox

It’s hard to buy a pair of shoes for someone who is really into footwear, but it’s easy to get them them useful accessories for shoe maintenance. Oak Street Bootmakers makes a great set in the form of their 1950 Cobbler’s Toolbox, but you could just as easily make your own gift set with a brush, some conditioner, and perhaps a few pair of spare laces. Whichever route you go you’ll definitely make your giftee’s day.

The-Heddels-Budget-Gift-Guide-2021 1) Oak Street Bootmaker's: 1950 Cobbler's Toolbox

Available for $98 from Oak Street Bootmakers.

2) L.L. Bean: Chamois Shirt


A soft, comfortable shirt is always a lovely thing to receive and L.L. Bean’s Chamois Shirt is an excellent option that doesn’t break the bank. Made of 7.5oz. brush cotton fabric, this shirt features a classic style and fit, two front chest pockets, double stitched reinforcements, and “unbreakable buttons”. While I can’t imagine that claim is true, this shirt is definitely a solid option all around.

Available for $70 from L.L. Bean.

3) Filson: Bridle Leather Belt


What do you get for the denimhead with too many pairs of jeans? Well, a belt is a good place to start. Filson’s Bridle Leather Belt an easy choice—it’s made from 1.25″ strips Wickett and Craig’s bridle leather and is available in a wide range of colorways, all of which come with a roller buckle. That said, there are a bunch of great belt options (from Filson and others), and finding the right one for your giftee won’t be tough at all.

Available for $80 from Filson.

4) House of Blank: Hoodie


While I don’t often write about the offerings  Heddels Shop sometimes they are just the right call—and if you are looking to gift the nicest, budget sweatshirt then House of Blank’s Hoodie is a top contender. Made at Roopa Mills, who are responsible for many sweats for much higher end brands, their unmarked hoodies will surely be appreciated by whomever receives them.

Available for $100 from Heddels Shop.

5) Kirkland Signature: Merino Wool Blend Socks (6-Pack)


In my mind there is no better gift than socks, and Kirkland Signature’s Merino Will Blend Socks are awesome while remaining incredibly affordable. Made from a merino wool blend, these socks are a favorite of many; they come in a different colorway each year, and this latest batch just happens to be fantastic.

If you’re picking some up for a loved one and have a little extra to give to charity this year, remember to check in with your local shelter. Socks are typically in high demand, especially in the winter, and a few packs of socks (or even just one) would certainly be appreciated.

Available for $23 from Costco.

6) Vermont Flannel: Flannel Robe


Vermont Flannel is often flaunted around here as a great place to buy quality, inexpensive flannel shirts but that’s not all they offer. Their Flannel Robes are a great value, too; made from 100% cotton flannel, these robes feature a matching belt and two large front hand pockets, perfect for those who like to lounge around the house. Available in multiple colorways, both patterned and plain, you can’t go wrong with the gift of a warm robe this season.

Available for $90 from Vermont Flannel.