Hestra’s Elk Leather Winston Glove Is Table Cut & Lined With Cashmere

The thing about leather is – it’s not actually that warm. I mean, leather is great – it cuts the wind, it staves off the elements, but on its own, it doesn’t quite do the trick when things get frigid.

Luckily for you, Hestra understands this issue and has lined their Elk Leather gloves with cashmere. Bench-made in Hungary and dyed with aniline, these gloves use traditional Scandinavian techniques that have been in practice for generations. The soft, supple leather is complemented by the Italian cashmere lining and the resulting ensemble is meant to be worn extra snug and it will then slowly conform to your hand. Table-cut, hand-sewn, and featuring gussets and adjustable details, these are some serious gloves – for serious weather.

Available for $230 at Division Road Inc.