Knickerbocker Releases New York Times Holiday Capsule Collection

In the spirit of giving, Knickerbocker has decided to partner with this small, kinda unknown newspaper to celebrate the holidays. Because nothing says ‘Happy Holidays’ like a sweater with The New York Times’ iconic “T” on it. A sentence that started out sarcastically but quickly turned genuine, because, in this super specific way, it works perfectly. No questions asked.

The Wool “T” Sweater comes in white, red, and black, and features an intarsia knitted wool blend yarn sourced from Italy. The NYT’s logo is big, bold, and boisterous, 3 words I have for sure have used in the mini daily crossword. The Wool “T” Baseball Cap is made from 100% wool sourced from Portugal, has an appliqué wool felt patch on the front and “Knickerbocker” embroidered on the back.

It is still unclear what happens when you wear both the sweater and hat at the same time but my guess is your wildly inaccurate New York accent gets just a little bit better. And for that, we should all be grateful.

Available from $55 at Knickerbocker