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Lightning’s Inazuma Festival Is Now Heritage Festival Online

Thanks to the last 2 years I think all of us have realized just how much we took IRL events for granted. Some things have made the transition to URL and it’s not always so bad – especially when the event would usually take place in Japan and Western hemisphere folk wouldn’t normally make it anyway.

Case in point – the legendary Inazuma Festival, hosted by Lightning — dubbed “Tokyo’s Denim Paradise”.  This was a double-whammy bucket list item for any real denim head as it meant a trip to Japan to attend this enormous open-air event and also the chance to cop from their favorite brands’ surplus inventory at stupidly low prices. Some even got rid of samples.

This year in a special effort to reduce the FOMO that would definitely be circulating and because of our beloved friend COVID, Inazuma Festival has transitioned into an online event with a new name — “Heritage Online Festival”. Participants who purchase a ticket can expect the familiar roster of brands such as The Real McCoy’s, Full Count, Warehouse & Co., Nigel Cabourn, Pure Blue Japan, First Arrows, and many more. in addition to special prices, exclusive and one-off products, there are even some hashtag contests for the styling of certain items.

Grab a ticket priced at 1000YEN and prepare yourself and your wallet, as the event kicks off on December 11th and runs all weekend.