Oldblue Co. Launches New & Improved Bandana Collection

It goes without saying that a bandana can level up your fit in a pinch. Whether round your neck, hanging from a jacket or jeans pocket, or even on your head if you’re a purist, its versatility knows no bounds. Styling one is easy, but finding the perfect one can prove to be more difficult, especially if you want that authentic vintage look and the local thrifts are just not hitting the spot.

Indonesian imprint Oldblue Co. has made things very easy with the release of their bandana collection for 2021, all made from locally sourced 100% cotton with special attention paid to a softer hand-feel than previous offerings. All 6 styles carry an American wild west theme to their graphics, discharge-printed to capture that real vintage feel, and feature one specially designed to celebrate the brand’s 10th anniversary and store opening.

Available now from Oldblue Co. priced at ~$18.50 each