Toy’s McCoy Pays Tribute To The Great Escape

Steve McQueen is top 5 menswear style icons of all time. Not a hot take at all, just a fact. The man oozed swagger to the point where his nickname was “King of Cool” and after a quick google image search its pretty easy to see why. One of those people that literally anything looked good on. Case in point the blue sweatshirt he wore in The Great Escape had the sleeves cut halfway and yet he still rocked with ease.

Now, before you take some scissors to your favorite vintage style sweat, peep this officially licensed reproduction piece from Toy’s McCoy. Made in Japan from 100% cotton Toy’s McCoy has been granted the rights to produce McQueen film-inspired apparel and accessories so you know all the details here will be on point, including a slight shrink when washed/dried.

Available at Blue in Green priced at $290 – but be quick if you’re interested, because BiG are the only North American Stockist of this item, which is uncerstandably selling fast.