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Textured Heavyweight Selvedge – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

If there are two denim attributes that denimheads seem to gravitate toward it’s heaviness and texture. While it’s easy to find denim that’s either heavy or highly textured it’s a whole ‘nother thing to find jeans that fulfill both of these things, which is exactly why we’ve put together this list. Regardless of your price point and preferences, we hope you find something here that sparks your fancy.

1) Unbranded: 18Oz. Slub Selvedge with Natural Seed Weft


Unbranded is a great entry level brand for raw denim. That said, their offerings are solid whether you’re just getting into raw denim or are a seasoned denimhead. Their 18Oz. Slub Selvedge with Natural Seed Weft is among their newest pairs. The 18oz. denim is on the lighter side of heavyweight denim, and the slubby yarn gives the denim a little more visual and textural interest. Add in the unbleached weft and you have a great pair of texture, heavyweight denim right here.

Available for $128 from Unbranded.

2) Pure Blue Japan: NP-013 17Oz. Nep Denim Jeans


Pure Blue Japan continuously impresses with their fabric choices, and their NP-013 17Oz. Nep Denim Jeans don’t disappoint. These 17oz. jeans come with a ton of slub and nep, and feature a bunch of great details: iron buttons, deerskin patch, and phenomenal construction. If you want something extremely texture but aren’t sure how much you’ll like heavyweight denim these jeans might be just the ticket.

Available for $350 from Self Edge.

3) Benzak Denim Developers: BDD-711 High Tapered 18Oz. Super Slub


Benzak Denim Developers’ jeans come with a bit more formality than those from many other brands, and their BDD-711 High Tapered 18oz. Super Slub maintain this style while still being heavyweight and super slubby. They also feature a fair amount of nep, chambray pocket bags, and selvedge details, all being pulled together with black hardware to match the denim.

Available for $345 from Division Road.

4) Oni: 246ZR 20Oz. Secret Denim Modern Regular Straight


Oni is known for the slubby denim, so it should come as no surprise that their 246ZR 20Oz. Secret Denim Modern Regular Straight made this list. At a hefty, 20oz. weight these straight cut jeans would make a great next pair to break in. These jeans aren’t cheap by any means, but you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Available for $230 from Denimio.

5) Samurai Jeans: S511AX 18Oz. “Ai Plus” Selvedge Jeans


To many of us, Samurai Jeans remains at the top of the denim tier list, and their S511AX 18oz. “Ai Plus” Selvedge Jeans are one of their most compelling pairs in some time. Not to say their standard fare is anything less than spectacular, but these 18oz. jeans tick all the boxes: slub, nep, natural and synthetic indigo dyes, and silver plated iron buttons.

Available for $345 from Okayama Denim.

Plus One – Naked and Famous: King of Lords Selvedge


Naked & Famous utilize the most interesting denims in the world, and while they aren’t always the kind of fabric you’d like to wear daily they are certainly works of art. Their Kings of Lords Selvedge is an insanely neppy, 24oz. denim fabric that looks like your everyday jeans were caught in a snow flurry. A 96%/4% cotton/nylon blend is used to achieve this, and while we can’t say with any certainty how these jeans will age we’re itching to see the fade pictures.

Available for ~$428 from Naked and Famous.

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