Indigo Dye On Your Dog With This Ombre Rope Collar From Found My Animal

Dogs are our best friends, so it’s only for them to look as good as us—if not better—when strutting around town on their walks. Much like us, their attire is seasonal and will change with the seasons but there is always one constant, and that is the collar.

A collar can say a lot not just about the pooch, but also about its owner, so why not make sure you’re both covered with the Indigo Ombre Cotton Rope Collar from Found My Animal. Each collar is made from a combination of Marine-grade rope and domestic leather and is crafted and hand-dyed in their New York studio. If all this wasn’t enough, each one has a stamped “FOUND” tag attached to it to not only serve as a reminder but also celebrate adopted animals and their humans.

Available now from Manready Mercantile priced at $56