Accessorize With Stevenson Overall Co.’s Latest Bandana

As I sit down to write this, I’m wearing a grey raglan-sleeved crewneck, a white tee, some indigo jeans, and black boots from Solovair (you know we carry those now, right?). I don’t do color and I most assuredly do not do bandanas, however, this latest release from Stevenson Overall Co. is pretty, pretty good.

For those not in the know, Stevenson is the brainchild of Atsu Tagaya, a man obsessed with taking the designs of yore and repurposing them for contemporary times. This bandana is a perfect representation of that: classic and timeless while perfectly capable of doing daily duty peaking out of a pocket or tied around your neck for some added flair. Also, it has a great paisley pattern done by means of discharge printing and is made out of 100% cotton. And of course, the pattern is an original design.

Should you wish to add some color to your fit, Stevenson Overall Co.’s bandana is available in red and ‘faded red’ for $40 from Clutch Cafe.