Battenwear Adds 3 New Scout Shirts To SS22 Lineup

Battenwear always comes alive for spring/summer. Whatever the category, their stuff always seems ready for an excursion in the great outdoors. And, as per usual, this season brings the heat.

Their BD Scout Shirt mixes and matches genres, resulting in a pseudo-dressy shirt with a heavily outdoorsy twist. It has the button-down collar of your classic OCBDs, but armpit gussets and a bellows chest pocket let people know you’re not a one-trick pony and provide a roomy fit that harkens back to the late 80s and 90s. Think Brooks Brothers ran into L.L. Bean at an outdoor convention, and discussed a mutual appreciation for Polo‘s 1991 Big Oxford Shirt.

Made in the USA from 100% cotton and available in several traditional and not-so-traditional colors, this is a fascinating piece of shirting that can really do it all.

Available for $265 at Battenwear