Moonstar Renders Its Classic Low Basket Sneaker In Super Low Key Camo


Moonstar Basket via Franklin & Poe

Moonstar‘s Low Basket K is the perfect option if you like the low-top Chuck Taylor silhouette but want your sneaker to be made in Japan out of superior materials using traditional craftsmanship. The Camo version is a fun break from solid color options and serves as a great example of a ‘flage pattern on a shoe done right. The colors are light and blend around the borders giving it DIY appeal without taking itself too seriously.

When it comes to the construction, Moonstar might be the best out there right now – and certainly one of the oldest. With patterns taking 2 months to create using a painstaking process, the robust canvas uppers are sewn together then glued to the outsoles with a natural rubber tape before getting fired in a traditional kiln for 70 minutes. This process – known as Ka-ryu leads to a soft, flexible outsole that won’t betray you.

In closing; here is a recognizable, timeless silhouette that’s been made well, is that right level of ‘undercover statement piece’ that kind that just sticks out while going with everything. Duh.

Available for $220 from Franklin and Poe