Oldblue Co. Releases Its 7.75″ Raw Denim Jean in 14 Oz. STF Vidalia Mills Denim

So I’m one of those guys that gravitates towards heavy-ass denim. Hot weather? 21 oz. Slightly cooler weather? 25 oz.Well, I came across something that has me thinking about changing my tune.

Oldblue Co.‘s now releasing its standby 7.75″ cut featuring the same denim used from its 10th anniversary release. The denim of which I speak is a 14 oz. shrink-to-fit denim from the new-ish Vidalia Mills. Made using the old Draper X3 shuttle looms from Cone Mills, this denim is super hairy and has a really, really soft hand-feel. I bet this stuff will get some wonderful vintage-style fades from wear.

It’s also worth mentioning that these jeans have a leather patch from Chicago’s Horween alongside Scovill copper rivets and copper-plated buttons. Be sure to zoom in on those photos above to check out our two favorite features: the two-tone chain-stitched hem and the hickory stripe pockets. Oldblue co. just seems to get better year after year.

Available for ~$215 USD from Oldblue  co.