Start Your Day Right With The Strike Gold’s Oatmeal Loopwheeled Full Zip

The raw denim of sweatshirts. When I first got into loopwheeled sweatshirts, The Strike Gold was the one brand that I remember – the one brand that was on all the lists on Reddit and forums like Superfuture, known even back then as the gold standard for next-level sweats. TSG has remained a slightly smaller operation than other Japanese brands like Samurai, Oni, and PBJ, but it continues to crush it with an empire of world-beating loopwheeled goods (as well as some darn good raw selvedge denim, too).

Their Loopwheeled Zip Hoodie in Oatmeal spins it back to the days when sweatshirts served a real function. Not only were they warm, they were a layer of protection between you and the outside world. They held up over time and got better with age. And that’s why The Strike Gold’s is so good. Woven in the Japanese Kanekichi Wakayama workshop on old school tubular textile knitting machines, they might only churn out 8-10 garments worth of fabric a day but as you’ll quickly see, it’s worth it.Just take a second to appreciate all of Redcast’s detail shots and you’ll see what I mean. No stress or tension in the fabric, a soft but strong texture, no side seams, and tight weave.

Featuring a custom metal zipper, cotton drawstrings, and absolutely dreamy hip pockets — don’t be shy — meet your new favorite hoodie.

Available for $214 from Redcast Heritage Co.