Wax Lyrical In 3sixteen’s Latest Baseball Cap

Fades, patina, fades, patina. That’s the kinda binary grind my thought pattern is on when I see the 3Sixteen Waxed Canvas Baseball Cap. Coming in Field Tan and Charcoal, this 6-panel ball cap is as versatile as it is hardwearing, made from water repellent 10 oz. waxed canvas fabric, in case, that ‘April Showers’ song from Bambi comes true.

It only takes one look to know this is the type of hat that becomes part of your identity, molding to your head after dedicated wear. Packed with patina potential, it’s the type of hat you’ll take any excuse to wear, making you feel naked without it. Void of any overt branding, this brain bucket keeps it simple and is only adorned with an embroidered logo outback.

So whether you’re in outdoorsy gear, gym wear, lounging around the apartment, or doing your best vintage impression, here’s the bow, the cherry on top, the period.

Available for $55 from Franklin and Poe