Dawson Denim Introduces ‘Dawson Junior’ Kidswear Line

Japanese denim drip isn’t just for the Moms and Dads out there anymore, no, Japanese denim’s for kids too — with Dawson Denim‘s ‘Dawson Junior’ Kidswear Line. Your kids are going to be more decked out in high-quality denim duds than any other little one on the playground when they (you) cop these deck pants and jackets. I can see the milk streaks, yo-yo pocket fades, marker lines, and wee baby whiskers, now. If there’s a perfect set of junior gear to mess up and wash again and again, these would be them.

There are two deck pants and two deck jackets in the UK-based denim line’s first collection for kids. A matching pair of neppy denim pants with jacket, and a matching pants-jacket combo done up in HBT with denim accents. Your junior can collect the matching sets or contrast for a more styled look. Made in England to the same exacting standards as the rest of the brand’s grown-up gear, the collection comes patterned with play in mind. No outseam on the pants means less getting tangled up at the playground, and an elasticated waistband = ease of wear and room to grow.

The Junior collection is available now at Dawson Denim