Fade Friday – TCB WWII Contest Jean (20 Months, 15 Washes)

Over the course of 1 year and 8 months, Andika in Indonesia has turned his TCB WWII Contest Jeans into a work of denim art. Using them for actual work in construction, our speed-fader held nothing back while wearing his denim but thankfully for everyone in his vicinity, he regularly washed them given the hot climate and his line of work.

However, we shouldn’t just be thankful for the lack of smell, but for the results that come from washing your jeans more than literally the last 10 jeans I’ve written about combined. In the community where the least amount of washes win, this submission breaks through the denim agoraphobia and hopefully inspire people to mix in some washes, don’t be afraid. After all, in addition to holding nothing back in the wear department, that’s how Andika achieved some of the lightest hues in the quickest amount of time we’ve ever seen.

As if worn on a ranch for a decade and then left on a post to get faded by the sun, the lap lines feed into broad stroke thigh creases and paper-white knees. Below the knee, the blues are as bright as most faded pairs at their brightest points. But it’s the flip side that really sells the wear. Almost completely indigo deprived, the honeycombs have blown away in the wind leaving only remnants while robust streaks populate the border of the seat and thighs.

You can check out Andika on Instagram @indigoevershine