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Fade Friday – Iron Heart IH777XHSib (1 Year, 5 Washes, 1 Soak)

Bob in Philly has built a lasting legacy with his effort for Year 2 of the Indigo Invitational. Placing in the top 50 contestants, our guy squeezed a lifetime of wear out of his pair of raw denim which really is a marvel to behold. But these aren’t just any old jeans. The kicker, in this case, is that Bob was rocking a pair of 25 oz. Iron Heart 777-XHSib jeans which basically rounds up to wearing 2+ pairs of pants at once. That’s a lot of denim! And while many of us wouldn’t even be able to stand up in these, this brave contestant has taken ‘crawl before you walk’ to a whole other level.

Putting in a lot of hours crawling on his knees chasing his baby daughter and playing with his dog, the knee fades are fantastic as are the resulting honeycombs behind the knees – remember 25 oz. of action happening here. The short but satisfyingly symmetric lap lines with deep shadows are neat, too. But what this pair really has going for it is the overall color of the denim, which teeters from rich and intense indigo to calming, washed-out tones.

Check out Philly’s finest on Instagram @fishtownfades

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