Kerbside & Co.’s Lot 75E Jeans Is Made From Deadstock Kaihara Mills Denim

It’s fair to say that I’ve experimented a lot over the years when it comes to the overall fit of my jeans and trousers. Not ashamed to say that there was a time in my life-long ago where “the skinnier the better” was my motto, but now that couldn’t be further from the truth.  I’ve been fully converted to the wide-leg life, but as it turns out, slim/straight is still king with most brands out there having a maximum leg opening of around 8 inches, even on their “wide” or “relaxed” iterations. Enter Kerbside & Co. and their Lot 75E jean.

Made from raw unwashed 14.5 oz. deadstock selvedge denim from Kaihara Mills, this high-waisted roomy fit, reminiscent of the old world frontier-style, is perfect for those of us who are now allergic to taper, with full leg and a minimum leg opening of 9.75 inches. These deep indigo beauties are made in Southeast Asia and finished with Japanese hardware all around; brass fly buttons, copper rivets, and a cocoa leather patch.

Available from Kerbside & Co. for $198